We are an “Angel” team that will help you, the entrepreneur, who
has that great viable idea that needs funds to start that business
that would contribute in changing the world!

What we do is to help budding entrepreneurs who
have great and viable projects start their business
regardless of their industry.

If you have a great idea that could make a difference in our world come join us today!
We will provide you with the expertise in management and provide training that you shall need to get
this project moving in the right direction with the objective for it to succeed and change the world
with your presence!
We are the helping hands that your company needs to aid you in your journey to success.


The Right Mentor!

Here we are!

We provide Mentoring to our entrepreneurs!

We shall provide a Parent-Child like Mentoring to help you take that first Baby-Steps in your business for it to
become successful and open new doors for further investments to make it grow even bigger.

We want you to be our friend, but not an ordinary friend. We want to be your “Real Best Friend” who shall be critical to the success of your business.

As that “Real Best Friend”, we shall keep on giving you much needed advices to help your business grow.


News and Events

We are a sponsor to this event!

VYE (Viet Youth Entrepreneurs) April Pitch
Date : 04/April/2016
In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam mulls setting up a stock exchange for startups

Date : 07/June/2016
In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

What sectors and which parts of the globe are
we interested in?

We do not target any specific business sector or any country.

We are ready to assist any company of any industry who seek our help.

We shall create many opportunities for you to meet your potential investor to fund your projects through pitching events and private introductions. This way we could “get the ball rolling”, to kick start your road to success!

If we see that your project has potential for growth, we will open our doors to you to meet various investors that would help you achieve that much needed fund to help start your business.

Here’s how to get that “Angel” Fund

    Submission of Documents

  • Send in a detailed copy of the project in PowerPoint Document and Excel sheets.
  • Project Evaluation

  • The Committee for Evaluation shall determine the project's investment merit, worth and significance.
  • Opportunity for Funding

  • Our Team shall review investment opportunities for your project and shall match your project with the right "Angel" with the right fund for your project.

We will help you get matched to that much needed “Angel” investor through one of our pitching events or through private introductions groups, who are experts in introductions so that your business could “get the ball rolling” for it to succeed right away!

After that much needed match, we can now open the doors to you by using our on-line platform, to get to that much needed investment through our very wide network of “Angel” investors who would be willing to help you get that business off the ground.

Prove that your business idea shall work:

  • Your idea must have a significantly large market
  • Prospective customers' confirmation that the business shall be useful to them
  • Ready viable marketing and sales plan
  • The right team to get the business to its GOALS
  • The right leader to drive this team to the highway of success.

Major parameters of consideration:

  • Sustainability of the business
  • Viable sources of income / revenue, execution of the business plan according to potential customer feedbacks
  • Clear command and control with a high level of commitment to the business
  • Financial viability of the business
  • Risk factors to consider: Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, and Environment
  • Pre-Money value and comfort with the protection of the rights of the investor.

Makoto Ikeda, (PhD)


Makoto Ikeda (PhD), the founder of Hottolink Inc., is a Predictive and Analytics Service consultant for social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. He is currently a board member of Xyxon, Inc. He is the current Adviser of Aucfan. He was a member of the board of directors of an Internet Engineering Global Certification program under He was a former President of the Interface Group Japan who lead the successful COMDEX Asia (Largest Computer Dealers Exposition in the world) which is now known as the successful Sands Group. In the government sector, Dr. Ikeda was a member of the Committee for Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) of Japan, a quasi-government organization of the Ministry of Trade and International Trade and Industry (MITI), the Industrial Technology and Development Cooperative of Fukushima Prefecture. It did not end there, Dr. Ikeda was also involved with the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC). His skill in the field of I.T. got him involved with 12 more government organizations. This makes Dr. Ikeda an extremely experienced individual in the field of Internet Technology.

Not only is Dr. Ikeda experienced in Internet Technology, he is as well very experienced in the Tokyo Stock Market. He was a member of the board of JRM which was listed in the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Market for 5 consecutive years. Through his efforts Dr. Ikeda was able to launch Aucfan into IPO in April 2013. The same was done with his efforts for Hottolink, Inc. in December of the same year.

In the early years of his career, Dr. Ikeda was a Provost and Tenure Professor at the, graduate school of Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Advanced Technology Center for the Next Generation Internet Application of the University of Aizu.

In his spare time, he helps organize important I.T. related conferences and contributes as either or being both the Chair and keynote speaker. He also lectures in graduate schools were Business modeling and strategy, Change Management and Knowledge Management, Consulting Methodology, Social Media Marketing, and Internet Economy. He wrote more than 100 academic papers and more than 20 books.

Dr. Ikeda was also an Editorial Writer of the Business Computer News, and a Judge of Computer Awards Japan, a Publisher of the Japan Computer Indexes, INFAS( Magazine of Information and Fashion) in collaboration with Mori Hanae Company (a renowned fashion designer).

Hiro Ishida


Mr. Hiro began his first business of Desk Top Publising (DTP) at the age of twenty six in Canada in1993.At that time, DTP was a new and innovative technology for the publication industry. Since it is so new, not many companies have that knowledge to be able to use DPA in its publishing but Mr. Hiro still went ahead to use it. In order to make his business more successful, he and his business partner went to reprogram their image setters allowing them to be able to print multiple in multiple languages. At that time, no one in Canada were able to print Chinese, Japanese and English fonts using image setters. Hence this allowed Mr. Hiro to reach out to the rising Chinese and Japanese community.

Mr. Hiro also got many projects from various Canadian companies andeven from the Canadian Government.This was due to the company’s ability to publish information in multiple languages in a fast and more cost effective way.

1996, Mr. Hiro started to develop his own websites. He started learning HTML and created a webpage for theJapanese tourist online magazine. Soon after, many companies went to seek his help asking him to help them create Web pages for them. The demand was high at that time as not many people has the skills to createwebpages so business was booming.

One day he realized that it was too hard to create web pages, so he started to learn about programming with a plan to develop a program that would help him in the creating of webpages. In 1999, Mr. Hiro and his programmer finally completed the development of the Content Management System (CMS) and some module system with ASP model.The development of these programs took 2 years of hard work and dedication.

In 2001, Mr. Hiro established a company in Japan and started a new project ATW (Any Time Any Where you can learn) which is an e-learning service using his CMS module. This e-learning service allows Canadian teachers to teach Japanese students through the use of webcams. This technology is something similar to the app Skype which we have today however Skype did not exist at that time.

However due to the technology not being so advanced at that point in time, ATW received complaints regarding thequalityof the service as the internet connection at that time was only a couple of MB/sec. Due to the lack of funds and support this project lasted for about a year. However Mr. Hiro did not think that this was a failure as he wanted people to understand and realizethat e-learning was the way of the future and he was right e-learning has become part of many educationalsystems all over the world.

In 2010, Mr. Hiro came to Singapore and helped established many Japanese SME companies in Singapore and in the whole of the ASEAN region. In a nutshell, Mr. Hiro is someone who has many experience in developing young companies and is also skilled in various industries too.

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